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Happy Nurses Week!
May 8 - 12
Check out our Events Page to see where we will be this week



Looking for that ultimate snack while watching the BIG GAME??? Look no further! Shop now and get stocked up on your favorite treat just in time for kick off.

Choose from many different flavors, if you don't see your favorite flavor shoot us a message and let us know. We just might be able to fill the request.


As always, if you have a flavor idea, share it with us and we will see what we can do with your idea!

Remember: just because the white stuff is flying, that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy fresh kettle corn! Our calendar is almost completely filled for the winter! So come on out, or enjoy the convenience of online ordering!




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Frank and I were walking out of a local store, where a Kettle Corn vendor is usually always set up. Well, this particular morning in January, the kettle corn vendor hadn't arrived yet and it was almost 11:00am. I wanted some kettle corn! So, we got about 30 minutes down the road and I asked Frank, do you think the kettle corn guy is set up yet? Could we turn around for some kettle corn? He smiled and said, "That ship has passed honey, give it up." So that got me thinking, I had a craving for kettle corn, where could I get some in North Eastern Michigan. . . and I said, "Hey, why don't we start our own kettle corn business and set up in a shop and sell great kettle corn! 

We started brainstorming, and looking at overhead costs and decided we'd start out small and grow into a storefront if that is what was meant to happen. I remembered a friend's husband was selling his kettle corn business awhile back and I did some R&D.


Well, in less than one week, we were all on board to buying the kettle corn business and planning events. All because that Saturday morning, I said, "I Want That Kettle Corn! and couldn't get any!

Now everyone can get great kettle corn any time of year, you no longer have to wait until Summer to get great kettle corn! We are right here, on the "Sunrise Side" of Michigan! 

Update: Follow us on FB or watch the events page, because we are traveling all over Michigan! You'll need to keep up to date to find out where you can, come on out and shout, "I Want That Kettle Corn!'

“You no longer have to wait until summertime to get great kettle corn! We are popping right now for you!” 

- Suzie T. -

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